TAFF Not Quite Right Box

  • $35.00



Grab yourself a bargain with the TAFF Not Quite Right box!

 The fragrance is perfect! The colours are great! The shape is just a bit Not Quite Right!

 Each box contains a number of different bath bombs in all shapes, sizes and fragrances!

 A great way to sample fragrances you may not have chosen before!

Only a limited number of these discount boxes available!

 What comes in Box A? - 1 AVAILABLE ONLY

1x Heart Bomb - 100s & 1000s
1x Mystery Colour Bomb - Cotton Candy
1x Fairy House - Coconut, Pineapple & Vanilla
1x Paddle Pop Bomb - CK One Type
1x"I Love U" Bomb - Candy Popcorn
1x Waffle Bomb - Bubble Gum
1x Bath Bar Lychee Guava Sorbet
1x Iron Man - Black Raspberry Sugar Bath Bomb 
1x Fruit Loops Bath Bomb
1x Bubble Gum Bath Bomb
1x Fruit Loops Bath Bomb 
1x Tutti Fruiti Bath Bomb
1xFruit Loops Bath Bomb
1x Bubble Gum Bath Bomb
1x 1 Million Type Bath Bomb
1x Mystery Fragrance Bath Bomb
1x Mystery Fragrance Half Bomb
1x Mystery Fragrance


What comes in Box B? - 1 AVAILABLE ONLY

1x Gift Box
1x Crumble Bag - Japanese Honeysuckle
1x Waffle Bomb - Marshmallow
1x Crumble Bag 240g 
1x Hot Jam Doughnut Chill Pill
1x Lavender Bunny Bomb
1x Rippened Raspberry Paddle Pop Bomb
1x CK One Type Paddle Pop Bomb
1x Waffle Cone Vanilla Bath Bomb
1x Ocean Pearl Bath Bomb
1x Lavender Bath Bomb
1x Cotton Candy Bath Bomb
1x Coconut Bath Bomb
1x Froot Loops Bath Bomb
1x Bubblegum Bath Bomb
1x Musk Sticks Bath Bomb
1x Monkey Farts Bath Bomb 
1x Mystery Fragrance Bath Bomb
1x Froot Loops Half Bomb
1x Bubblegum
 Half Bomb