TAFF  Unicorn Farts Trifle 250g

TAFF Unicorn Farts Trifle 250g

  • $25.00

Do you want radiant, hydrated skin in your favourite TAFF fragrance?

Look no further - our new TAFF Body Trifle has arrived! With moisturising body butter and hydrating aloe vera jelly, your skin will  be silky soft and smooth in no time! Apply

Unicorn Farts - You’re in for an olfactory treat with these magical rainbow-coloured sweets! A delightful fragrance of sweet spun sugar with fruity berries and creamy vanilla.to clean, dry skin when needed - safe for everyday use.


Body Butter, Aloe Vera Gel, Water Soluble, Fragrance Oil

WARNING: always test skin sensitivity.

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