TAFF Toffee Vanilla Crumble  Shake n Vac - NEW

TAFF Toffee Vanilla Crumble Shake n Vac - NEW

  • $25.00

Simply shake on your carpet, wait 10 minutes, and vacuum up! Leaving beautiful, deodorized carpets, and fresh smelling rooms. Can also be used on your couches, car interior, and added to water for anywhere else you want to clean!

Available in the following:
1/ Shake n Vac Kit including a stainless steel Shake n Vac Shaker
2/ 500g/1.5kg refill packs

Toffee Vanilla Crumble Take a crumbly bite of the iconic ice cream ‘Golden Gaytime’. A retro delight of whipped vanilla layered with toffee crumble and creamy caramel.


Do not apply to wet carpet. AVOID contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children & pets. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Keep lid on container when not in use. Test in a discreet area before use.

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