TAFF FireBall Cinnamon Candy - Car Diffusers - NEW

TAFF FireBall Cinnamon Candy - Car Diffusers - NEW

  • $10.00

Our TAFF Car diffusers with a rose gold cap hold approximately 10ml of liquid. Fragrance diffuses out of the top of the cork when wet. 

FireBall Cinnamon Candy - A spiced delight reminiscent of the nostalgic cinnamon candy. Clear the sinuses while you breathe in the scent of deliciously hot cinnamon, nutmeg and clove.

A great little gift or for yourself. The glass diffuser bottle holds approximately 10ml of liquid. The diffuser bottle features two beads to help curb the diffuser action up the rope as well as a gasket inside to stop liquid from spilling or dripping out too fast when turned upside down. Remove the plastic stopper inside and replace the cork. Tip the bottle upside down to allow the liquid to soak into the cork. Liquid diffuses up into the absorbent cork and out into the air.

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