TAFF Coconut Lime Punch - Laundry Crystals 500g - NEW

TAFF Coconut Lime Punch - Laundry Crystals 500g - NEW

  • $11.95

 Our new TAFF Laundry Crystals infuse your clothes with an extraordinary freshness that puts the finishing touch on your laundry and makes everyday a little more rewarding.

With the exciting variety of fragrances, it’s easy to find a fragrance to match every laundry occasion. Whether it’s a relaxing freshness for your sheets and towels, or a more stimulating scent for you and your family’s everyday wear, our Scented Laundry Crystals have you covered. Have fun and try them all!

Coconut Lime Punch  - The delicious scent of freshly baked sponge cake filled with raspberry jam and buttercream icing and topped with toasted coconut.

Notes: Top notes are almond and buttermilk; middle notes are coconut and hazelnut; base notes are vanilla, malt and tonka bean.

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