TAFF Foaming Hand Wash - List #1 - NEW

TAFF Foaming Hand Wash - List #1 - NEW

  • $15.00

Vanilla Creme & Cocoa Butter - Velvety French vanilla creme and luscious rich cocoa butter combine to create one of our most full bodied vanilla fragrances.

Sugar Fairy - A delightful blend of Candy floss, peardrops, bubblegum and vanilla

Vanilla Chai - Treat yourself to a delicious vanilla chai latte generously sprinkled with ground cinnamon. Warm spices are balanced with a sweet and creamy base.

W Hotel Type - You will be instantly charmed by this luxurious fragrance inspired by W Hotel, all notes perfectly blended from the mixture of florals, bergamot and fresh lemongrass finished by a warm sandalwood and musk base.

Apple and Walnut Scroll - Fresh from the oven warm pastry scrolls with sweet juicy apples mixed with brown sugar, cinnamon and walnuts

Ginger Beer - Fizzing with sweet muddled ginger, fresh mint and zesty lime. This sharp and refreshing fragrance is reminiscent of drinking a cold ginger beer in the summer heat.

Gin & Tonic - A classic cocktail of smooth gin and zesty citrus. Fresh and crisp with a cooling twist of lime, cucumber and juniper berries.

Prosecco Rose - Capturing the effervescence and romance of a sparkling glass of pink prosecco infused with the delicate aroma of blooming red roses. This enchanting blend encapsulates the spirt of celebration and femininity.

Espresso Martini - Indulge in the smooth aroma of the classic cocktail you know and love. Immerse yourself in the rich and complex layers of this enticing scent, reminiscent of sipping a perfectly crafted Espresso Martini.

 Liquorice Allsorts - A colourful blend of sweet berries, aniseed and vanilla. True to it’s name, this fragrance is for lovers of liquorice!


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